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How to Hang Art Like a Pro
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How to Hang Art Like a Pro

Hanging art can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, you can do it like a professional. In this blog post, we will share some tips and tricks for hanging art that will help you create a beautiful display in your home.
1. Choose the Right Height:The first step to hanging art is to choose the right height. In general, art should be hung at eye level, which is around 57 inches from the floor. The center of the piece should be approximately this height, regardless of the size of your art. Like all rules, this one may be broken. If the piece will be mostly viewed from a seated position, it can be hung lower, ie, eye level when seated.
2. Use the Right Hardware: To hang art like a professional, you should use the right hardware. For most pieces, a picture hook with a nail will work fine. Make sure to choose hooks and nails that are appropriate for the weight of your art. For heavier pieces, you may need to use a wall anchor or special hanger. We also recommend that you use the "D" rings on a heavy piece of art, not a wire. The wire may cause too much tension which will eventually pop the "D" rings off the frame. 
3. Fill the empty wall space with multiple pieces of art or larger pieces of art: To create a cohesive statement display, group similar pieces of art together. This can be based on theme, color, or style. By hanging large art or grouping pieces together, you create a visual impact that draws the eye and makes the display more interesting.
4. Use a Level: To ensure that your art is straight, use a level. This can be a traditional bubble level or a digital level. Place the level on the marks on the wall before hammering the nails. Adjust as necessary until it is straight.
By choosing the right height, using the right hardware, grouping similar pieces together, using a level, and creating a template, you can hang your own art without the need to hire a professional.
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