How to Sell Your Personal Property With Us:   

We are always seeking rare, designer, iconic and classic furniture, original artwork, and specialty collections of all types. Whether it's antique, mid-century or modern classics, we accept furniture. Original signed artwork, ceramics, art glass, metals and sculptures are also accepted. Specialty collections including designer handbags, couture clothing, fine jewelry and designers watches are also included in our auctions. 

If you would like to sell with us:

  1. Send photographs of your items to or text us at 314-800-8292. Please include your name and contact information and a description of the items. The more information you provide, the quicker we can give you an auction estimate. 
  2. We will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.
  3. Whether you have a single item or an entire estate collection, we will provide you with a confidential auction estimate and proposal. 

Other Options for Sale:

An item may be better suited for a private sale, sold in our on-line store, or sold through our retail location. We will discuss the best sale option for you, so that you receive the full market value for your pieces.

Please contact us at 314-899-0098 or email us at for more information.