What is An Appraisal?  An appraisal is a formal valuation provided for legal purposes (insurance, donation, trust & estate, damage). In contrast, a valuation is an informal estimate of your object’s value in anticipation it will be put up at auction. 

An appraisal is not a mathematical formula, nor is it static over the course of time. The value of a work changes based on supply and demand. Typically, the less supply and the more demand, the greater the value of the work, however tastes and trends can also cause fluctuations in values.

Also, please be aware that an appraisal is not an authentication. We perform appraisals based on the educated assumption as to whether the object(s) are authentic.

What is the Cost?  Our appraisals are a billed professional service. We charge by the hour plus any applicable travel time. The type of appraisal you are seeking and the object(s) being appraised determines the scope of work required to produce your appraisal document. We charge a minimum of 1 hour for this service.

Please contact us to request additional information particular to your collection or estate. 314-xxx-xxxx or by email at info@woodardlipe.com